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IANSA publications

Since 1998 a wide range of publications and resource materials have been produced by the IANSA Network. Production has been possible with donations and grants and all publications are produced on a non-profit basis by a small staff, including interns and volunteers who have assisted with translations and at various other levels within the production process.

Please note: Not all of the titles within this section are necessarily IANSA publications, nor all publishers/authors IANSA members. Please contact us if you have any queries.

A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities 01 June 2008
This groundbreaking handbook was developed with the help and experience of women with disabilities in 42 countries — women whose disabilities include amputations and paralysis, amongst others. Health professionals, caregivers for women with disabilities, and trainers working with disability groups will also find this Handbook an essential resource.
Sobrevivientes: Mujeres afectadas por la violencia armada 31 May 2008
Las mujeres narran sus experiencias con violencia armada, en sus propias palabras. Estas experiencias varían de la tortura en América Central a la violencia doméstica en Europa; de un fuego cruzado en Asia al llorar por la pérdida de un hijo en las Américas. En ocasiones espeluznantes y alentadoras, las dieciseis historias pintan un cuadro sobre el impacto que las armas tienen en las vidas de mujeres.
Canadian Perspectives on Gender and Small Arms and Light Weapons 30 April 2008
This briefing is designed for use by organisations and individuals involved in peacebuilding practice and development. It forms part of an online series that synthesizes information on key issues related to small arms and light weapons and outlines recommendations for action.
Bulletin 14: Women at Work: Preventing Gun Violence 31 March 2008
Main story: Being part of the process: Gun law reform in Namibia: Network News • Senegalese women reflect on gun use • Jordan: Raising awareness • Burundi: Committed to the Nairobi Protocol • Western Balkans: Guns and domestic violence: Special focus CSW - IANSA women at the UN Commission on the Status of Women: Announcements • Dr Christiane Agboton Johnson, new Deputy Director of UNIDIR • Gender and SSR Toolkit • Week of Action Against Gun Violence: Announcements and Resources.
Boletín 14: Mujeres Trabajando: Previniendo la violencia armada 31 March 2008
Gender & Security Sector Reform Toolkit 31 January 2008
This Toolkit is an initial response to the need for information and analysis on gender and SSR. It is designed to provide policymakers and practitioners with a practical introduction to why gender issues are important in SSR and what can be done to integrate them.
Together we can make a difference! 05 January 2008
Suggestions on things we can all do to increase awareness of our experiences, perspectives and contributions to challenge and stop gun violence.
Juntas podemos hacer la diferencia! 05 January 2008
Algunas sugerencias para lo que podemos hacer para sensibilizar sobre nuestras experiencias, perspectivas y contribuciones para desafiar y poner fin a la violencia armada.
Bulletin 13: Women at Work: Preventing Gun Violence 31 December 2007
This edition includes: How an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) could help to reduce gender based violence • Network news • The 2008 Bertrand Russell Peace Lectures • Women's role in Argentina's 2007 gun buyback • Gender and guns in the Middle East and North Africa • Special Focus: 16 days of activism against gun violence: Angola, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Burundi, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, DR Congo, El Salvador, Ghana, India, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, Sudan and Tanzania • Announcements • WN joins UN Working Group • 1325, wars, weapons and conflict prevention • Guns & domestic violence in the Balkans • UN Commission on the Status of Women • SSR: Post-conflict gender sensitive police reform • and information about events and resources.
Boletín 13: Mujeres Trabajando: Previniendo la violencia armada 31 December 2007