Advocacy and Campaigns

Members of the IANSA Women’s Network work are actively engaged in disarmament initiatives; ending gun violence in the home; awareness-raising about the problems of small arms availability and misuse; monitoring and evaluation of weapons disposal programmes, and in formulating long-term strategies to combat the global gun crisis.

With International Women's Day fresh in our minds, we are delighted to invite you to our side event at the Commission on the Status of Women on 10 March 2014. It is organised by the IANSA Women's Network, the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) and the Mission of Germany to the UN. The event's title is, Aimed at Development: How Armed Violence is Impeding the Achievement of MDGs.

IANSA women at the CSW 2014IANSA women at the CSW 2014

The Fifth Biennial Meeting of States (BMS 5) to Consider Implementation of the Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons (PoA) will take place at the United Nations in New York from 16–20 June 2014.

The IANSA Women's Network has contributed to the 16 days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence Campaign 2013.

Domestic Violence and the Role of Small Arms forms part of the Campaign Tool Kit. Developed earlier this year, the information sheet focuses on a serious aspect of small arms proliferation: the deaths and injuries caused by guns in the home. Momentum is gathering to ensure that this aspect of gun violence is acknowledged and addressed around the world and we are heartened that it remains a theme in the broader campaign this year.

A number of IANSA members are in New York at the UN General Assembly First Committee on Disarmament and International Security (7 October – 5 November 2013) chaired by Ambassador Ibrahim O. A. Dabbashi of Libya.

On 26 September 2013, the UN Security Council adopted its first Resolution on small arms. Testament to the many years of work and advocacy of IANSA women in recent years is that the Resolution includes a separate provision highlighting the need to implement relevant obligations under UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security in the field of small arms control.

From 27 August-7 September 2012, UN Member States will gather in New York for the second Review Conference (RevCon) of the UN Programme of Action on small arms (PoA). Following years of advocacy and effort by IANSA women around the world, we are beginning to see some tangible results in the UN small arms process. IANSA Women will continue to build on these successes at the review conference.

From 2 to 27 July, negotiations are taking place at the UN headquarters in New York to draft and agree upon an Arms Trade Treaty. A week before the end of the Arms Trade Treaty negotiations, discussions among states are heating up. IANSA Women continue to advocate tirelessly for a strong treaty that can prevent gender-based violence.

We, advocates from all regions of the world, call for the inclusion of a criterion on gender-based violence in the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), as outlined in the Joint Policy Paper on Gender and the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) by Amnesty International, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, the IANSA Women’s Network and Religions for Peace (June 2012).

We would like to congratulate everyone involved in another successful Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence. Events were organised all over the world with incredible levels of participation, impact and media coverage, illustrating again the diversity and strength of the global movement. IANSA Women were particularly active and built on advocacy successes in relation to the ATT and UNPoA, and the Disarm Domestic Violence campaign.

The UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, Ms. Angela Kane, has made a strong statement in support of our work during the Global Week of Action against Gun Violence, 11-17 June 2012. Referring to armed domestic violence and the gendered impact of small arms, she states, "illegal guns (...) make it possible (...) for illegal owners to intimidate their households and commit gender-based violence."

In her endorsement of the Week of Action, she highlights the importance of IANSA members' contributions in the area of small arms control: "The Global Week of Action against Gun Violence provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the important contribution civil society makes in the areas of small arms control and the prevention of armed violence. It is at the local level that we see the brave initiatives, that we see the commitment and perseverance flourish that in practice lead to more peaceful, more liveable communities. I call upon all governments to cultivate and intensify their cooperation with civil society on curbing armed violence in all its manifestations. On behalf of the United Nations, I commend the organizers of the Global Week of Action against Violence for their relentless effort as ‘peace multipliers’ in keeping gun violence on the agenda of the international community."