Guinea: Declaration by Guinean women

07 October 2009

A declaration by Guinean women following the violence and sexual attacks on women on 28 September 2009.


We, members of the Network of African Women Ministers and Parliamentarians of Guinea (REFAMP GUINEA), Network of Mano River Women for Peace (MARWOPNET) and several other women's organizations, note with deep regret and bitterness the climbing violence that occurred on Monday, September 28, 2009 in Conakry, Guinea.

This situation is particularly deplorable that it was sadly predictable. Therefore, from the breakdown of dialogue between the CNDD and the Forces Vives, we have made representations to the actors and all good wishes for a resumption of dialogue to avoid confrontation that led to the real blood bath. Thus, since September 15, 2009, the representatives mentioned below met successively:

- The President of the Christian Council of Guinea
- The Board of Imams of the Faisal Mosque;
- The Permanent Secretary Ministry of CNDD,
- Representatives of the Forces Vives of the Nation
- The four regional coordinators met,
- Prime Minister Head of Government,
- The Minister of Justice, a member of CNDD
- Minister of Security, 1st Vice-President of the CNDD,
- The Chief of General Staff Deputy Armed
- Committee members civil-military
- El Hadj Bouna Kéïta, trader, CNDD member.

We also contacted the International Contact Group premises. In all, we expressed our concerns about the breakdown of dialogue both at national level with the international community and its unpredictable consequences on the political, economic, and social, and security institutions of Guinea.

Today more than ever, we believe strongly that to create a climate of peace and tranquility, it is imperative to the recovery and strengthening of dialogue between the Forces Vives of the Nation on one hand and the CNDD and Government, on the other.

To this end, we women signatories of this statement, recall the various protagonists of their collective and individual responsibilities for an efficient management of the situation arising from the violence of the day September 28, 2009

Therefore, we appeal to the patriotic conscience of His Excellency Captain Daddies Moussa Camara, President of the CNDD, Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, members of the CNDD and the Government, the Forces Vives and all opinion leaders to stop the physical violence, verbal and behavioral abuses in our country for a calmer transition.

For us, nothing can ever justify the atrocities suffered by the population in general, young people and women especially on September 28, 2009 in Conakry.

We remain convinced that the violence and barbarism, must be replaced with dialogue, restraint, and measurement of progress both nationally and internationally, without which nothing lasting can be built in a country.
We also remain convinced that the Republic of Guinea, 82nd member state of the UN, founding member of the OAU, ECOWAS, the Mano River Union, and many other organizations to the ideals which it has so contributed, cannot remain on the sidelines of the International Community.

We women leaders, citizens, mothers, wives, sisters and daughters, extend our most heartfelt condolences to the people of Guinea and particularly to families who lost loved ones to them during this sad day of September 28, 2009.

May God grant paradise to our regretful missing?

We witness, at the same time, our sympathy to those injured and wish them a speedy recovery.

May God the Almighty, the Merciful, the Most Merciful give the People of Guinea peace and grace. Amen

Conakry, September 29, 2009

Network of African Women Ministers and Parliamentary Guinea (REFAMP)
Network Mano River Women for Peace (MARWOPNET)
Women Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF-FADAAF)
Guinean Association of Women Leaders (AGUIFEL)
African Association of Professional Communication (APAC)
Coordination of Women's NGOs of Guinea (COFEG)
Association for Radiation of Islam in Guinea (AFRIG)
Coordination Unit on Traditional Practices Affecting Women and Children (CPTAFE)
National Network of Traditional Communicators (RENACOT)
Guinean Federation of Women Network for Peace and Development (FEGUIREF-PD)
African Youth Initiative for Leadership (IJAL)
Coallition Nationale of Guinea for Rights and Citizenship of Women (CONAG-DCF)
Midwives Association of Guinea (ASFEGUI)
Association for Support to Development of Population Activities (ASDAP)
Association of Women Leaders for Parity in Guinea (AFELPAG)
For the African Renaissance Woman of the West Africa (RAFAO)
Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Guinea (AFEG)
Association of Women of Guinea for the Fight against Sexually Transmitted Diseases / AIDS (ASFEGMASSI)
Groupement des Femmes d'Affaires of Guinea (GFAG)
Women of Africa-For Women of Africa Resources & Intercultural Community Advancement (Wafrica GUINEA)
Support for Women Informal Sector (AFES)
Association of Women Lawyers of Guinea (AFJG)