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  • DRC: Voices of Grassroots Congolese Women on the Crisis in the DRC
    We are delighted to see contributions from so many IANSA women to V-Day's latest V-Moment. They include: Jeanine Gabrielle Ngungu, Drocele Mugomoka, Nounou Booto Meeti, and Kenneth Enim Ampi.
  • A common factor in war and peace: gun violence against women
    Tatiana Gonçalves Moura of the Observatory on Gender and Armed Violence (OGAV) in Lisbon, Portugal was recently interviewed by Comunidade Segura, a project of Viva Rio in Brazil. OGAV's work spans Europe, Latin America and the Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa.
  • USA: Bitterness toward women tormented gym killer
    He killed three women and wounded nine others before committing suicide.
  • DRC: RODHECIC Bulletin 53 - Femme Debout
    Le 20 juin 2009, les membres de Wilpf associé à ceux d’Iansa et du Cava ont organisé une rencontre autour du thème : « Le rôle de la Commission Nationale de Contrôle et des Organisations féminines dans la lutte contre la Prolifération des ALPC en RDC ».
  • India: Mother killed in front of son's eyes, another killed in police firing
    A day out shopping with her three year old son turned out to be fatal, for a young woman, as she was killed in a broad day light shoot-out in the heart of Imphal town today (23 July 2009) while a UG suspect was later killed in the shoot-out.
  • Sierra Leone: Engagement with parliamentarians to protect women
    On Tuesday 21 July 2009 members of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Defense and Presidential Affairs held a seminar on Disarm Domestic Violence and the Bill on Arms and Ammunition at the Parliament Building in Freetown.
  • Liberian Foreign Minister calls for the appointment of an SRSG on 1325
    Liberian Foreign Minister Olubanke King-Akerele reiterated the recommendations of the Monrovia Declaration earlier this year. She called on the United Nations Secretary General to appoint a Special Representative on Security Council Resolution 1325.
  • Domestic violence gun measure signed by governor
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A proposal that creates a procedure for individuals subject to an order of protection for domestic violence to turn over their weapons has been signed by the governor.
  • Engendering Security Sector Reform: A Workshop Report
    This report documents a workshop held at the Free University of Berlin in November 2008 on ‘Engendering Security Sector Reform’. It finds that the debate on gender and SSR is still only incipient and that many questions remain unanswered. SSR will only live up to its ambitious aspirations if it places gender squarely at the centre of its conceptual thinking and practice.
  • DRC: Bukavu Assessment Report
    This assessment was carried out from the 28 April - 1 May 2009 in Bukavu East-Congo by GVRC Deputy Program Manager, Alberta Wambua; GVRC Counselor Ruth Kimaathi; and representatives from FECCLAHA; Rev. Shelvis Smith Mather, and Judy Waruhiu, Human Security Program Coordinator.
  • New Women's Network Seeks to End Gun Violence in the Home
    For a growing number of women around the world, the greatest risk from guns is not on the streets or the battlefield, but in their own homes - and most of the deaths are caused by a close acquaintance.
  • Time to disarm violent domestic abusers
    Federal and state laws prohibit convicted domestic-violence offenders from possessing firearms, but enforcement of those laws has been lax, write guest columnists Merril Cousin and Nan Stoops. They urge all law-enforcement agencies to follow proven strategies for getting guns out of the home.
  • Disarming Domestic Violence campaign
    The first international campaign to protect women from gun violence in the home. The main goal is to ensure that anyone with a history of domestic abuse is denied access to a firearm, or have their licenses revoked, in each of the 10 core participating countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, Namibia, Nepal, Portugal, Serbia and Uganda.
  • Young Female Fighters in African Wars
    This report aims to provide policy makers and aid practitioners with a state-of-the-art overview of the situation for young women in African war and post-war situations.
  • A Curriculum for Women Waging Peace
    This unique tool draws on more than a decade of original research and training by The Institute for Inclusive Security and accomplished women peace builders from areas including Afghanistan, Bosnia, Colombia, Haiti, Iraq, Israel and Palestine, Northern Ireland, Rwanda, and Sudan.
  • CEDAW - Thematic briefing on ‘Women and Armed Conflict’
    To further the discourse regarding the protection and promotion of women’s human rights in situations of conflict, post conflict and in societies in transition, various national and international women’s rights organisations have engaged the CEDAW Committee in a process of dialogue in the hope of creating a General Comment regarding the advancement of women’s human rights in conflict affected areas. In so doing, it is hoped that this General Comment will act complimentary to and further the existing Security Council Resolutions 1325 and 1820 addressing women affected by conflict.
  • West, Central and North Africa: Supporting the Arms Trade Treaty Process
    IANSA woman Justine KWACHU, Executive Director of WAA Cameroon participated in a meeting for civil society from West, Central and Northern Africa on 'Supporting an Arms Trade Treaty' in Lome, Togo from 15-16 April 2009.
  • Thoughts on the Global Symposium on Engaging Men & Boys in Gender Equality
  • International: Women, girls and human security
    Kristen Cordell writes about her views on provision of human security, an issue that was highlighted by several sessions she attended at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in March 2009, including 'Towards an Arms Trade Treaty: Women's Rights' organised by the IANSA Women's Network.
  • India: 16-year-old girl gang raped at gunpoint in Bihar
    A 16-year-old girl was allegedly gang raped at gun point in Bihar by unidentified men, who then tried to kill her by setting her ablaze when she told her family of the assault, police sources said here Thursday.